Alex Moss

As well as being the co-founder of Peadig, Alex is also a Director of the online marketing company FireCask. He also develops many WordPress plugins with over 500,000 combined downloads.

Posts by Alex Moss:

Peadig Version 1.3.0 Released

Version 1.3.0 Major Updates Creation of functions-deprecated.php for old functions with their removal version Migrated old post notification into a default hook DefaultHook::old_post_notifications()? Created default hook for header social icons DefaultHook::header_social_links() for easier overwriting in child themes Addition of for the Person element Update to Bootstrap 3.0.3 Update to Redux 3.1.4 Update to LESS…

Black Friday 2013, plus other news

Both Shane and I have been extremely busy the past couple of months. I launched a new online marketing agency, and Shane left his full time employment to concentrate on Peadig and also consult to UK marketing agencies on Web Development. We have 3 updates for you so let’s get the best one out of…