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Peadig Version 1.3.0 Released

Version 1.3.0 Major Updates Creation of functions-deprecated.php for old functions with their removal version Migrated old post notification into a default hook DefaultHook::old_post_notifications()? Created default hook for header social icons DefaultHook::header_social_links() for easier overwriting in child themes Addition of for the Person element Update to Bootstrap 3.0.3 Update to Redux 3.1.4 Update to LESS [read more]

Peadig version 1.2 release notes

We’ve just pushed out the latest release of Peadig. As of this version, every release will come with a relevant blog post outlining everything we have changed. Version 1.2 Bug Fixes and Tweaks So this isn’t a major release but there is definitely a lot in there. Here is a list of all the major [read more]