We’re on a mission to speed up the web and help make your site highly accessible through our WordPress framework, Peadig. Between us both we have well over 15 years SEO and Social Media experience, Peadig is built on our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. This is something we wanted to build for ourselves and we’re glad to share it with you.


Social Structured Data helps optimize your site for Social Networks

Social structured data helps sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ provide the best content to their users. This is done by setting HTML markup provided by Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph and Google+ META Data.


Peadig lets you set a title, description and thumbnail for each social network when editing any post or page. You can even set your own tweet text! As well as this, social structured data also connects to authors. Each author can enter their own social profile links and Peadig will automatically do the HTML markup and also enable rel=”author” snippets.

Peadig Features


Many Customizable Options

Peadig is packed full of features so you can easily customize and extend to your heart’s content.

You can customize how your homepage looks, how wide you want your main column compared to the sidebar, have better control over your widget appearance, insert better author integration and mark up and provide more options over commenting for social networks.

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More Control over Widgets

Widgets are great, but sometimes you need a little more power to customize them.

We added 2 options to widgets.

  1. Column Span: this will only appear for footer widgets. Here you can choose how wide your widget is by using column spans. This will also give you the option to make more than row in your footer if you want.
  2. Additional CSS: if you’re using child themes, you can easily add some CSS classes to your style.css file.