It has been another few months since you last received an update from Peadig, but there’s a few reasons for that 😛

Peadig has become extremely stable since v1.4.1 so there have been mainly a few minor bug fixes and updates. Version 2 will be next, and will incorporate Bootstrap v4 (once it’s out of Alpha), have a totally remade options page with lots of new options, and will contain better documentation.

Updates for v1.5.2.1 from v1.5

  • Added language support with textdomain variable
  • Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Updated to Fontawesome 4.5.0
  • Updated to Redux Framework
  • Fixed a bug with variable definitions for Facebook Shares in debug mode
  • Updated social sharing CSS to accomodate for new Twitter share button
  • Added width and height variables to Facebook Open Graph

Updates for v1.5 from v1.4.1

  • Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • Updated to Fontawesome 4.4.0
  • Updated to Redux Framework – with AJAX saving!
  • Added TinyMCE editor classes to Bootstrap instead of default
  • Added mobile color scheme for Android devices
  • Improved animation settings for sliders
  • Updated Instagram icon in header to conform with Fontawesome 4.4.0
  • Updated default footer text
  • Updated email link behaviour in the header (mailto: link or specific page)
  • Fixed walker nav issue
  • Simplified wp_title() implementation
  • Added screen reader specific CSS
  • Added improved screenshot
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