2014 has a lot of big plans for Peadig, most of which we’re not going to tell you. But we’ll let you know this, we need developers.


  • Be a Peadig license holder
  • Know some PHP, HTML5, CSS3
  • Know WordPress and are familiar with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Are quite a creative person

What do we need

Out of the box Peadig looks good (we think). But what makes it really shine is the use of Child themes and the additional customisation that comes from this. With Peadig we’ve made it easy to create your own child themes, and we’re wanting the community to help build those child themes with us. We’ll be launching our themes marketplace sometime in January with some

Also, if you are a developer and want to earn a little bit of $$ why not submit your child themes to us. We’ll give you a flat $10 commission on each child theme sale. For being amongst the first to submit child themes we’ll even give you a bonus of $50 when you sell a total of 25 of your personal created child themes. Who knows we might even give you another bonus should you be our top selling theme at the end of 2014.

Being amongst the first means there is some good money that can be made here, and we’d love to help you with that for helping us 🙂

Submit Your Child Theme

Child Theme Developers terms

Child themes

  • Child themes must work on Peadig version 1.2 and above
  • Child themes must go through successful testing by us
  • If your child theme relies on a specific options set, please submit them options by taking an export from the Peadig developer panel
  • Child themes must work with all functionality as found in the Peadig options panel
  • Child themes can use additional options which can be added to the as outlined in our child theme documentation

Commission structure

  • Flat $10 sales of your child themes
  • Child themes to be sold at $15
  • Commission payments paid Quarterly via PayPal
  • Bonus payment of $50 added to commission on successfully selling a total of 25 child themes. This is a total of all of your child themes should you submit more than one theme too.
  • To qualify for the bonus payment you must submit your child theme to us before the end of March 2014
  • Beta testers do not qualify for the bonus payment but do qualify for normal commission


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