Purchase Receipts and License Keys

If you need to have your purchase receipt or licenses resent to you (this applies to Peadig and all other paid plugins), simply enter the email connected to the purchase below and hit send:

Setting Up Peadig

When you have installed the Peadig framework on your site there are 2 ways to enter your license.

Method 1. There will be an alert at the top of your admin section, click that link and you will be taken to the license page.

Method 2. In your admin section, hover on Plugins and then look in there for the Peadig License page.

Failure to add a licence means that you will not get our regular updates, bug fixes and security patches. This is important if you want to gain access to our future releases.


Bugs / Features

Tell us about it, head over to our support page and let us know there. Try to give us as much detail as possible so that we can replicate the issue. In the unlikely case that we cannot replicate, we may ask for access to your site to take a look at the issue. Chances are we may fix the issue there too before patching into the main Peadig install.

Let us know, we’re constantly adding new features and functionality into Peadig and would love your suggestions. Drop us a message at our support page


Updating Peadig

We will offer minor updates as and when bugs are found and fixed there is no real schedule for this. When Twitter updates it’s Bootstrap framework we’ll aim to get this patched into Peadig in under 7 days.

Head over to the Peadig blog, there will be a blog post in the Releases category for your version outlining any breaking changes. Future releases will also have migration files which, when you run them, will fix any database issues that may come up.



Head on over to our Affiliate page and sign up from there.

Currently we offer 20% on all products. This includes the Peadig Framework, Twitter Feed Pro, Latest News Ticker and Ultimate Icon Shortcodes.

More products will be launched in 2014 and as such our commission structure may change.

We will currently offer payment once Quarterly. This will happen at the end of March, June, September and December for the 3 months prior to that payment date.

Currently we can send it to your PayPal email address. However, should you want this going anywhere else please get in touch through our support page.