We’ve just pushed out the latest release of Peadig. As of this version, every release will come with a relevant blog post outlining everything we have changed.

Version 1.2

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

So this isn’t a major release but there is definitely a lot in there. Here is a list of all the major fixes and features we’ve tweaked.

  • Reorganisation of code and fixed potential overlapping tags.
  • Better use of HTML5 tags, removing dupe ID’s and removal of redundant tags and other general HTML housekeeping.
  • Added template file for woocommerce.
  • Resolved an issue with a body wrapper.
  • All elements have now been wrapped outside of bootstrap container so that any element can be stretched to fullscreen.
  • Removed an action that was before the first HTML tag to stop errors in IE
  • reorganised header.php and footer.php. If you have customised these in your child theme then you will need to check over your theme after upgrade.
  • Reduced the amount of code on author.php
  • Added alt tags populated from post name to homepage slider items.
  • Rebuilt the default 404 template and resolved an issue with the footer and the sidebars.
  • Fixed avatar_css function.
  • Rebuilt default contact form with better bootstrap classes and label controls
  • And plenty of other minor tweaks and inconsistency fixes.


All content is now in hooks. This means that you now have a greater level of customisation when building your child themes. To see the full list of main content hooks head to the DefaultHooks file in classes. We also have a list of custom hooks (funnily enough in the CustomHooks file) which allow you to insert more content in other areas of our Framework.

So, hook changes.

  • Created all content pieces and elements as hooks
  • Removed no_footer_sidebar hook
  • Added sidebar hook
  • Created a breadcrumbs hook


Pre warning, as there are some major changes to the code there may be some errors with your child themes on upgrade. We have done this to future proof upcoming updates, so get in touch should there be any issues. Alex and myself will help you to resolve your issues. We recommend using a maintenance plugin prior to this update. You will not need to do this again for other updates.

As with anything, if you have any issues post upgrade then get in touch with us via our support page


Minor updates since 1.2

Version 1.2.1

  • Resolved some typos
  • Removed large number of notice errors
  • Added output buffering to stop headers issue
  • Added Show Comments on Pages switch

Version 1.2.2

  • Resolved float issue with navigation
  • Removal of shorthand php tags in DefaultHooks


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