Although quite hidden, Linkedin have a Member Profile Plugin very similar to a Google+ Page Badge. This WordPress plugin lets you easily insert this as a shortcode into your WordPress site.


  1. Download the plugin direct from the Plugin Page at WordPress.
  2. Upload the whole plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin
  4. Check all the setting in the Linkedin Profile Badge Settings area
  5. Hit Update

The shortcode:

You can insert the profile badge easily within any page, post or template by simply using the following shortcode:
To enter the shortcode directly into templates using PHP, enter
echo do_shortcode('[linkedinbadge]');

You can also use the options below to override the the settings above.

  • URL – the Linkedin public URL
  • behavior – choose between inline or icon
  • liname – if you have chosen icon mode then the name will appear to the right of the icon
  • connections – on/off

An example using these options is
[linkedinbadge linkedinbadge URL="" connections="on" behavior="icon" liname="Alex Moss"]

The Result:

The finished result (at least of the inline mode) should look like this:


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