Icons are an integral part of most websites nowadays, and there are many many sets to choose from. Couple this with recent advances in css3 and you have vector based. Included in Bootstrap, and also Peadig, is Glyphicons. One of the widely used icon sets, but what about the rest? Ultimate Icon Shortcodes gives you access to many others in a simple to use UI that can be found in your WordPress post editor. Currently in the free version there is support for:

  • Font Awesome

To add the fonts to your post, look in your editor menu for the Peadig icons button. Click that and you’ll see your icons.

Ultimate icon shortcodes lite

If you like this we also have a premium version which has many more fonts in it. As well as other features fonts include.

  • Brandico
  • Fontelico
  • Foundation Icons
  • Iconic
  • Open Web Fonts
  • Raphael
  • Typicons



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