Twitter Feed Pro WordPress Plugin lets you output any Twitter timeline feed, favorite feed, search or hashtag into your WordPress site! Using Twitter’s new API (v1.1), this is the most up to date, versatile and fully customisable Twitter Feed for websites that still outputs tweets as flat HTML.

Twitter Feed PRO uses API v1.1 to output tweets in the way the plugin used to work -with complete versatility and is still fully customisable.

You can read more about the API updates and its implications in a blog post I wrote about Twitter API v1.1


  1. Purchase the plugin directly from this site
  2. Upload the whole plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin
  4. Set up your new Twitter App and enter the API details
  5. Insert the shortcode!

The Shortcode and Examples:

To insert the Twitter feed, enter the following shortcode within a page, post or text widget:


This outputs the following:

Output @peadig’s latest feed:

[twitter-feed username="peadig"]

[twitter-feed username=”peadig” num=”1″]

Output every mention of @peadig:

[twitter-feed username="peadig" mode="mentions"]

Output every retweet from @peadig:

[twitter-feed username="peadig" mode="retweets"]

Output a full public feed of my username – this includes my own feed, mentions of me and my tweets retweeted by others:

[twitter-feed username="alexmoss" mode="public"]

Search for “WordPress Plugin”:

[twitter-feed mode="search" term="WordPress Plugin"]

Output the hastag #Manchester:

[twitter-feed mode="hashtag" hashtag="Manchester"]

Implement Directly into your Theme

To enter the shortcode directly into templates using PHP, enter

echo do_shortcode('[twitter-feed]');

Main Settings

You have to insert these values to make sure the feed is set up for you:

Option Defaults /
API Details Consumer Key
Consumer Secret
Access Token
Access Token Secret
These details are generated when you create a new Twitter app within the Apps Management Area. You can set one app up to manage all your Twitter Feeds on all sites you manage
twitterJS yes/no enables Twitter’s JS for web intent and the follow button.
mode feed
feed – outputs the most recent tweets
mentions – outputs everyone’s tweets mentioning @username
retweets – outputs retweets by others mentioning @username
public – outputs latest tweets plus replies/mentions and retweets (basically a merge of feed and mentions mode)
fav – outputs the favourites of @username
search – outputs feed of that search term
hashtag – outputs feed of that hashtag
username alexmoss the chosen Twitter username
num 3 number of tweets to display in the feed
term twitter
If mode is set to search, this is the search term the feed will output
N.B. you will need to use HTML hex codes such as %23 for #. For a full list of HTML characters please click here.
hashtag WordPress
If mode is set to hashtag, this is the hashtag term the feed will output. N.B. Enter the option WITHOUT the hash
errormessage Twitter cannot show tweets right now. Please try again. If the plugin cannot connect for whatever reason, you can choose the error message to display
linklove yes/no Inserts a link to this plugin page

Tweet Options

Tweets can be displayed in various ways

Option Defaults /
img yes/no Displays the username’s avatar/profile image to the left of the tweet
auth yes/no Inserts @username: before each tweet, which links to that username.
HTTPSimg yes/no If your site runs on HTTPS, enabling this options calls profile pictures from Twitter’s HTTPS server
followbutton yes/no inserts a Twitter follow button beneath the Twitter feed if the Twitter feed is about a user, and a Twitter search button if using the hashtag or search modes
largebutton yes/no uses the larger twitter button
followercount yes/no shows the follower count by the follow button (does not work with search related feeds)
Language N/A option to choose the language the tweet buttons output

Timeline Options

Timelines for tweet can also be displayed in various ways

Option Defaults /
Show Timestamp yes/no Whether you want the tweet to append xx minutes/hours/days ago from the tweet
Link to Tweet yes/no This will turn the timestamp into a a link to the Tweet
Conditional Tweet Text N/A you can change the way conditional time text is displayed. You can choose words for seconds, minutes, days and months
usephptime yes/no if enabled, the timestamp will be in date format instead of conditional time format
phptime j F Y \a\t h:ia The PHP date format to output if the above option is ticked. More formats can be found here


CSS Styling Options

All Twitter feeds work around an unordered list in HTML. These CSS classes can be defined and customised as you wish

Option Defaults /
ulclass twitterfeed CSS class for the whole


unordered list

liclass tweet CSS class for each specific tweet in a



timelineclass timeline CSS class for the tweet timeline



intentclass intent CSS class for the tweet intent



What about the Old Version?

In August 2012, Twitter announced that they were releasing v1.1 of the Twitter API. In February 2013 they confirmed that v1 of the API would retire on 5th March 2013. This is because of an update Twitter made where they shut down v1 of their API and promoted their Embedded Timeline. Included in this retirement is the RSS feature that powered the old free plugin.

Twitter Feed Pro is now fully supported with the new API (v1.1)

Technical Support

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